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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Someone had a birthday!!!

Cory turned 25 on April 25th, and boy did we have a happening time! The day started out with a four-wheeler ride up the mountains. We had planned to spread out a blanket and enjoy a lovely picnic; however, due to inclement weather we stuffed the sandwiches down our throats while driving away.

Next, he opened up his presents: a lovely striped shirt and killer shades!

Then, we ventured to the big city (aka Cedar City) for a lovely fine dining experience at an exquisite restaurant, you might have heard of it, Chili’s Bar and Restaurant.

Finally, the night ended with some delectable cheesecake (sorry Harriet Home-maker, but this one was store bought)!

I love you baby! You’re the man for me, and I don’t know what or where I’d be without you! MUAH! MUAH! MUAH! MUAH! MUAH! MUAH! MUAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and on a different note: My sister-in-law Lexi had a birthday on May 3rd, so I made her this scrumptious birthday cookie! (I just wanted to post it cause I think it turned out kind of cool!)


Jess Bess said...

That cookie didn't just look good, it was mighty tasty too. On a different note- why did Cory have a mustache?

wren photography said...

OOOHHH Chilli's that's a fancy place!! i'm jealous!!

RayRay said...

KERIN! what the heck, i'm so happy I found your blog! How are you doing? You look amazing and of course, like you're always having fun!

The LaBarberas said...

Kerin! Thank you for your post, I'm so happy you stumbled on us. Look how beautiful you are! And what a cute, cool couple you guys make! Thanks so much for the hello, I'll be checking out your blog now. All the best!

Fern said...

So are you leaving this post up so you can use it for next year too?